Last man standing: Even Obama avoids confronting Russian President, Vladimir Putin!

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“Russia needs strong leadership. But I am not calling for totalitarianism”, says Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President. Russia loves him, but the rest of the world? Not much!

According to a Pew Research Centre survey released Wednesday, both Russia and its leader are held in low esteem around the world. The strongest opposition to Putin is in Spain, where 92 percent of respondents said they had no confidence in his handling of world issues.

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The world sees Russia as a distrustful, barbaric and aggressive neighbour. Putin is merely a continuation of this false paranoia.


US President, Barrack Obama, minced no words when he said Putin is wrecking Russia to recreate the glories of the Soviet empire. However, Putin has emerged star in middle of the chaos. By 1998, Russia was on its knees and the financial and social situation in ruins. Any belief in a system or ideals vanished and many became very cynical. Under Putin’s leadership, Russia has seen Oak tree growth and promising future. BRICS also highlights the potential to evolve into a stronger super power than the US and Europe.


The media coverage of US opposition to Putin’s actions was designed to promote the agenda of President Barack Obama. Unafraid to confront the West on equal footing, Putin is the reason why the West has exercised caution. Even Obama has been known to avoid confrontations with Putin.


Boosting the industrial development of the country, under Putin’s management, Russia has 25% of the world’s gun market, same as the US.

Putin does represent Russia as a country that cares about the world’s stability and peace. The best example is the current situation in Syria. Russia does not support an idea of giving weapons to the Syrian terrorist opposition by the Western countries.


People in Russia have elected him thrice because they see him to be the best bet for the country. Western media appears to be demonizing him, but that’s not new.

Before criticising his leadership style, it must be remembered democracy is a new thing in Russia and it takes time for countries to move on. A country attempting to evolve and grow must be appreciated, not denounced!



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