Tech special – 2014 recap: Hottest gadgets of 2014

Posted on by Aditya Wilson

1. Apple iPhone 6 plus
(Rs 61k onwards)
The most expensive of the lot, but also rich in features, if you’ve got the moolah, don’t think of anything but the iPhone 6Plus. With a massive 5.5-inch screen and several useful sensors, it takes the iPhone experience to a whole new level.

2. Blackberry Passport
(Rs 45,777 onwards)
Designed for total comfort, this executive phone is easily the most innovative product of 2014. Its square design makes the Passport your perfect gateway to getting work done fast while on the move.

3. Sony Z3 Compact
(Rs 41,199 onwards)
Made for the style conscious, the Z3 Compact is the only phone in 2014, that beats the iPhone6 and 6Plus, hands down, in looks. But that’s not all, inside the hood, it also carries enough firework to keep you in the lead.

4. Motorola Moto X2
(Rs 29,999 onwards)
The only smartphone to have matched performance with style and innovation within Rs 30k, the Moto X2 offers a pure Android experience along with Motorola’s best tools. You will love every bit of it, and we guarantee.

5. Nokia Lumia 830
(Rs 24,996 onwards)
Moving away from the boxy design of Lumias, Nokia seems to have gotten everything right with the 830. This is the best Lumia phone at the moment. And unlike the other ones, it not only feels but also acts as a premium device.

6. One Plus One
(Rs 21,999)
Despite all the hurdles, they have been facing in India, the One Plus One, remains a hot item. And why not, the specs are way above expectations, and the pricing is unimaginable. Backing it all up, is its customised user-interface.

7. Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen
(Rs 12,999 onwards)
The only bang-for-your-buck phone released in 2014, Moto G 2nd Generation is the best choice in the 10-15k range. An upgrade on the popular Moto G, this one gets a bigger screen and more power under the hood. It’s a phone you can buy with your eyes shut.

8. Asus Zenfone5
(Rs 9,999 onwards)
Asus seems to have finally gotten things right with the Asus Zenfone5 — be it in terms of specs, design or pricing. Despite the fact that it’s priced within 10K, the Zenfone5 gets a premium look, and just the size you want.

9. Moto E
(Rs 6,999 onwards)
Some people never fail to impress, and Motorola is one of them. The Moto E, is the best Android budget smartphone around. Its dual sim, is 3G-enabled, offers superb battery back-up and comes without any hang-ups. It will also get the Android Lollypop update.

10. Nokia Lumia 530
(Rs 5,384 onwards)
The last of the 5xx range Lumia phones made by Nokia, the 530 is one of the cheapest Windows phone around. Though the RAM is limited at just 512MB, the 530 still packs enough firepower to get you through. This 3G-enabled, dual sim 530, is your cheapest Windows phone.



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