Robots takes over Humans in a theme park hotel in JAPAN.

Posted on by Ayesha Khan

Henn-na Hotel in Japan will soon be providing you the world class service with a twist in it, as Henn-na Hotel will be adding 10 robots to their staff as a robotics project and a day will be there when the robots will completely replace the humans. They will perform traditional hospitality tasks, from service to cleaning and many other technologies like solar powered and LED lights. There cannot be a doubt in the above notion because Robots are always more efficient than Humans in any work they are ordered to do.


However, this Artificial Intelligence could be very deadly and the involvement of the AI in our day to day life is alarming. New Robot technology is the best AI technology ever developed but what are the side effects of this sweet yet sour applied science.

  • Unemployment alone in India is 8.8% and in US is 5.8% yet introducing robots in the workplace will definitely going introduce second term of recession.


  • The feelings, the love and the thoughts altogether does not allow us to introduce robots in to our lives as they lack all this and cannot be considered ideal colleagues.


 They don’t have to go through post traumatic sessions of break ups and unemployment.

  • Robots cannot tackle something unexpected so getting them in hospitality business is not a very good idea.


imagine you are asking for some extra ketchup and the robot gives you hundred options that exists in his database for the ketchup and you are just like ‘dude give me f%#@ tomato ketchup’

  • Remember what they have done to Human Race in Terminator series

Terminator-Salvation_0 (1)

Developing of artificial intelligence is very important for the human race but why to apply this technology at the place where they are least important. and should be applied where the human race and the AI can work together and produce cumulative results.

Hail the technology and Hail the humanity.



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