Limits of Apple’s desperation – Try to leak Apple’s new product’s news and you will be burned (Banned).

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Apple Inc. has threatened the makers of I-phone and I-pad accessories, that if they leak any information regarding the release and launch of new Apple products they will be banned from manufacturing the accessories.

Involvement of third party accessories makers has developed this risk of leaks for the I-phones and I-pads in the gadget giant.

However, Apple is too self assured of its products that they think somebody will be really interested in copying or counterfeiting their product. Apple inc. have lots of free time rather on considering of making their technology user friendly and they are on the spree of Suing their competitors like Samsung and Motorola. Apple has filed lawsuit against both of them. And Motorola is suffering from several lawsuits from Apple.


And similarly Samsung has been sued in several countries like


  • South Korean courts
  • Japanese courts
  • German courts
  • French and Italian courts
  • Dutch courts
  • Australian courts
  • British courts
  • S. courts

Now this is the hike of desperation APPLE.

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