Google jumps into Ride Share business with Driverless Car

Posted on by Ayesha Khan

Google has transformed itself into a multi-service provider organization, from a massive search engine providing information on your doorstep to enhancing the technology for us and again Google is attempting to be one of a kind and a leader in the field of ride sharing.

images (3)Earlier Google worked in collaboration with Uber by investing 258 million dollars but, now Google will be a rival to the company soon in the business of ride share. Google is bringing out its latest vanquisher in this field that is their autonomous car. It is a Driverless car and its concept was first drafted in the year of 2012. Google founder, Sergey Brin stated that Google Self-Driving car will be available for the general public in 2017.


However, now Google had made it clear that they will be going solo. Google is merging into this business with the Android Auto and will be dealing with the autonomous car and in-car entertainment at the right time as this is definitely going to increase their credentials much more by investing in this venture.



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