A smartphone in your pocket and it will take care of your erotic evening plans.

Posted on by Ayesha Khan

Next time you visit Goa or Bangkok and you are in the mood of having some fun don’t forget to take your smartphone with you. It could be seen that how much the researchers are into the problem of today’s youth and the society. Because you can test for the sexually transmitted diseases on the go and even before having any kind of thoughts of having fun you could test your partner to be sure that the rest of the evening can be a fun filled affair.


In a pilot study in Africa by U.S. researchers they developed a 34 dollar device that will be helpful in diagnosing the sexually transmitting diseases like HIV and Syphilis. It is nearly as effective as far more costly diagnostic blood testing equipments. It plugs into the audia jack of your smartphone.

It was developed by a team lead by Samuel Sia, an associate professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University in New York. The study was backed by a grant from the Gates Foundation and several other funders and published on Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine.



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