Removal Policy

As a New Media Company, we mostly rely on the content that is available on public domain through the internet, and accessible on digital devices. It is an interactive platform where readers participate in discussions and debates on various subjects expressed in the articles. TVON churns out ‘the third side of the coin’, issues and topics that have for long been buried, forgotten and ignored. Being an opinion based website we take the initiative of publishing the most thought-provoking opinion.

We get a lot of user-submitted articles and we take the utmost care before publishing them.

At The voice of Nation, we respect the laws of the land and take all the necessary steps to furnish our ideology for same. Should you believe that a particular article violates the law of the land, kindly bring the same to our notice so that our legal team can re-examine and take necessary actions.

Kindly fill all the mandatory fields of the form and tell us in detail how, and in what way, the law was broken.


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