Rumours say Gauri Khan is wasted by drugs. Did we just hear jealous tongue-waggers spitting venom at Shah Rukh Khan’s wife?

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It is inevitable. The bad name, I mean. When you are the wife of one of India’s most loved superstar, you ought to become the cynosure, and earn bad rumours too! That’s collateral damage. Recently, when I sat over a coffee with a Mumbai-based buddy of mine, she casually mentioned, “But you must know about Gauri Khan and Suzzanne Khan’s drug habits?”

I almost splattered my rich cream coffee on hearing that. Of course, I had never heard about the substance abuse of Bollywood’s most successful star wives. Before I could say a word, my friend rattled on how Shak Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri and the ex-wife of Hrithik Roshan hang out together, sniffing coke in Mumbai’s posh night clubs.


Allegedly Gauri and Suzzanne are besties who regularly hang out together in Mumbai’s posh night clubs

I reasoned that the two women run a joint business of design, The Charcoal Project, which caters to the who’s who in Mumbai, and argued that the rumour was the handiwork of some jealous people.

My friend was not to be bogged down by this reasoning. She said that the inner circle in Bollywood knew about Gauri and Suzzanne’s weakness, but keeps it under wraps. Apparently, Gauri remains so high on drugs that she hardly has time to attend to her toodler AbRam. This is the reason, why we don’t see too many pictures of the lady with her youngest baby on social media. While Gauri Khan remains in a stupor seeing psychedelic dreams under the influence of drugs, Papa Shah Rukh attends to the adorable toddler at home.

This piece of information instantly reminded me of the BigBasket TV commercial featuring King Khan. He orders groceries from the online retail portal, and when the star-struck delivery boys ask if Shah Rukh orders grocery by himself, he replies, why not! For a moment I actually thought the rumour could hold some fragments of truth and imagined the superstar babysitting his youngest child, ordering groceries and attending film shoots in between.


In the BigBasket commerical ad, star-struck delivery boys ask if Shah Rukh orders grocery by himself

But then I remembered Gauri Khan doesn’t own a Twitter account, but her husband does. It was logical that Daddy Khan keeps his fans posted about cute AbRam, while Mommy can’t, because she has no Twitter account to do so. My zealous friend pointed that it can’t be the case, and she showed me a recent picture that was trending on social media. The Khan family was snapped coming out of an airport, with Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana holding AbRam in her arms. To prove her point, my friend showed me several pictures of the family where either papa Shah Rukh, big brother Aryan or sister Suhana were carrying AbRam, but  mommy Gauri was nowhere around.


This happy family picture refutes the rumour that Gauri has no time to attend to her kids

Well, I had enough by now. It was Gauri’s life, and she could do whatever she wishes to do with it. A business woman, especially the spouse of a top filmstar, has to pay the price for being constantly in the public eye. And Gauri who is a super successful entrepreneur, and has a loving family to attend, is no exception!

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