Which boss in his right mind would pay each employee 1.5 crore as bonus? Meet Turkish businessman, Nevzat Aydin!

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But first, a personal detour.

My boss was a bully, stricken with a controlling nature that bordered on insanity. He ripped apart any and every idea I floated, ridiculing me at every step. I tried harder and harder to get into his good books, but the boss kept me on a short leash for over two years at the job.


My next change was as horrifying. This boss was less of a control freak, but more of a sadist. He liked causing mental pain, cutting salaries for inefficiency, and enjoyed keeping his employees working late.

I am now in another place, slightly better. I was doing routine work when my colleague sent me a link. I opened it and it read:

Businessman gives 1.5 crore each to his employees.

It was a WTF moment! I wanted my former, horrible bosses to read it and sent them the link, anonymously

Nevzat Aydin is the CEO of a popular food delivery chain – Yemeksepeti – in Turkey. Following the sale of his company, his employees received 17 million Pounds as bonus. After being equally divided amongst the 114 employees, each received a share of 1, 50, 000 Pounds. Yemeksepeti was recently taken over by a Germany-based giant, Delivery Hero, following a 375 million pound deal.


There was no bond, or contractual deal between the company and its employees. Nevzat could have very easily, and rightfully, kept the entire amount to himself. It was his legal right, but he chose to share the wealth.

Nevzat Aydin, in an interview to Hurriyet newspaper, had said: “If there is a success, we have accomplished it together.” Most of his employees were on a 700-1200 pound per month salary. These fortunate employees walked that extra mile in the business, helping it scale great heights.


It’s a reward well earned.



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