About Us

A large section of the Indian media operates on the traditional concept of ‘gathering and reporting’ news, a common practice world over. As a consequence, every news organisation expresses more or less similar views, and there is not much that separates them from each other.

At The Voice of Nation, we do much more than report news. In fact, we don’t report news at all.  TVON was born with a single purpose – to explore hidden truths and produce it for public consumption without mincing any words. Truth is mostly bitter, but we are convinced that it should not matter. Our content developers are professionally trained to get into the skin of the subjects, an approach that gives them the inside perspective.

What is The Voice of Nation?

As a New Media Company, we mostly rely on the content that is available on public domain through the internet, and accessible on digital devices. It is an interactive platform where readers participate in discussions and debates on various subjects expressed in the articles. TVON churns out ‘the third side of the coin’, issues and topics that have for long been buried, forgotten and ignored.

It is a platform that raises searching, unsettling questions through intense, well researched writing. In order to build and maintain robust, well-oiled machinery, we follow a simple, but effective concept – Research–Publish–Promote–Engage!

Our Vision

Research: Without thorough investigation and study, we don’t attempt any story. We engage only after we have collected relevant data and information on the subject. We are also helped by our readers, who send ideas and revealing information anonymously from time to time. As an independent, fierce organisation, we are open to write on issues that public relation firms come to us for. Of course, every article and every claim must be supported by documents or testimonies.

Publish: Once a topic is finalized by the site’s editors, it is assigned for construction and subsequent publishing. After proper due diligence, the story goes up on the site. If articles come to us from PR firms, we vet the stories and remove every element of unsubstantiated argument. Maintaining a sense of propriety is important to us.

Promote: We believe that reachability is an issue. The best of stories and articles fail to create an impact because they don’t reach the right kind and number of people. Reaching our target audience is critical and we have a dedicated team of 300 members working on just the digital marketing.

Engage: This is, perhaps, the pillar. Unless one interacts with its readers and unless readers engage with each other, unless there are differences of opinion, it does not really matter. There are stories and ideas on The Voice of Nation that have caught the imagination of many. They have come out in numbers and discussed at great lengths the pros and cons.

Our team of new-age, passionate and unrestrained writers explore buried truths, contest deeply-entrenched traditional mindsets, confront religious intolerance and question the exploitative nature of the private sector in the function of the free market.

Who owns the company?

The Voice of Nation is owned by a Hong Kong Private Equity firm. The company has also invested in a few western digital marketing firms. This initiative has already helped diversify US and UK’s media landscape, providing important, challenging and virgin content to its hundreds of thousands of readers. The owners are looking to replicate the similar concept in India, thereby winning the first-mover advantage. Huffingston Post and ABC News, to name a few, are based on this New Media concept.

Who runs the company?

TVON is managed by a team of diversified expert journalists, who have worked in the past with media houses like the Tehelka.